Ration Challenge, Episode 2 recap and How You can be an antidote to the news

Yara Elmjouie of AJ+ took on the ‘Ration Challenge’, organised by Australian NGO, Action For Peace, which is a testing fundraising and awareness raising campaign to put people in refugees shoes. Participants receive a small parcel of food ration for a week identical to that received by Syrian refugees living in a camp in Jordan.

Some carbs and oils, and that’s pretty much it. No meat, coffee, or even salt or pepper.

And here’s how Yara fared.


You might also remember 2nd episode of the podcast, in which we spoke to Beth Smith about her time working at the Dunkirk refugee camp. We mentioned there are more ways to help wherever you are than you might think. So here are some actions you can take today…

1. Sign a petition in support for of Union Resettlement Framework, a historic legislation currently being discussed by the European Union that would provide safe and legal routes for vulnerable refugees to reach safety and rebuild their lives in Europe.

You can’t fix the world with an online petition. But you’ve got to start somewhere!

2. Educate yourself to be able to advocate. Give your voice for the often voiceless. Amnesty International has a great (and absolutely free) online course on Human Rights in the context of Refugee Crises that does just that.

It’s available until November 2017.

Alternatively, here are more online courses on the topic.

3. Donate. There are many great organisations doing amazing work to help during the current refugee crises in Europe and beyond. Just one great example is Help Refugees, who work on the ground in camps across Europe. They are incredibly grassroots with 96% of all funds raised going to camps.

It’s not only funds, but also much needed goods that you can give.

4. Fundraise – you can go on a Lada rally across half the European continent with the Worldwide Tribe, cycle, bake, dance, shave your hair off, or take on the same Ration Challenge as Yara did in the video above. The options are endless, and there is no shortage of great organisations making a difference for people whose lives have been uprooted by conflicts and natural disasters.

5. Volunteer. If you feel like volunteering is something you’d want to do, do your research, and get in touch with one of the organisations working on the ground. Volunteering doesn’t have to mean travelling to a camp, there is a lot you can do wherever home is for you: you could volunteer with your video editing or webdesign skills, or by working at a festival.

6. Shop. Lastly, you can shop for a good cause and wear your heart on your sleeve quite literally with one of the ‘Choose Love’ shirts. Worldwide Tribe, among others, have merchandise that helps rise funds too for the work they do with refugees.

The Guardian have come up with a comprehensive list of organisations to support and other ways in which you can be an antidote to all the soul-crushing news and help in the crises.

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